Therapeutic Diet Plan

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Before you take any decision let us first understand what this diet plan is.

What is Therapeutic Diet?

Therapeutic diets are nothing but diets which are prescribed as treatment or help in a chronic diseases like kidney failure, lower serum cholesterol, blood sugar, celiac disease and much more.

Why Therapeutic Diet Plan is Needed?

In this diet plan, certain foods will be added or removed so that your daily eating habits can be improved which can solve your nutritional deficiencies, bring lifestyle changes.

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There are lot of therapeutic diets available such as soft diet, diabetic diet, regular diets, low-cholesterol diet & much more.

Purpose of Therapeutic Diet Plan

  • Therapeutic diet can help in maintaining good health status with regards to your body and nutrition
  • Food deficiencies are eliminated which can occur due to various diseases.
  • Therapeutic diet helps in maintaining body weight by making some effective changes in your daily habits.
  • This type of diet can help your body & your nervous system gets enough nutrition in the right amount.

Benefits of our personalized Therapeutic Diet Plans

  • Easy to follow diet plans suitable to client’s lifestyle
  • In-depth study of body type & disease the client is suffering from before creating a diet plan
  • Foods are selected carefully to meet client’s nutritional requirements.

Why choose NutrilifeIQ for therapeutic diet plans?

  • Provide personalized 1 to 1 video & audio counselling.
  • Offer Customized Therapeutic Diets as per requirements.
  • Promote good health with natural eating.
  • Give Online Therapeutic Diet Consultation.

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