Beat the plateau !!

I am doing everything possible by not even losing a gram or inch. Surely you must have heard this statement umpteen number of times because weight loss is the most common topic of interest these days be it among the young or old. But more common than that is reaching the plateau during your weight loss process. People try … Read more

5 Healthy Habits to Last a Lifetime

Trying to establish a healthy lifestyle can seem challenging and overwhelming. Because some people don’t know how to get started, they just don’t bother with trying. Before I started my weight loss, or healthy lifestyle journey, I procrastinated over and over again. While I did want better for myself, I couldn’t figure out the best … Read more

12 Health Tips for Working Women

Are you a working woman and looking for tips? You are on the right place. In this post I will share with you 12 health tips for working women So let’s get started 12 Health Tips for working women Women have achieved a lot when it comes to career & social standing. They have come … Read more