Amazing Benefits of Honey for Weight Loss!

Looking for post on amazing benefits of honey for weight loss?

Honey – The name honey itself is so soothing !! as it has immense health benefits.

The golden liquid is just a heavenly appearance of one knows it’s benefits.

Honey is produced by honeybees from nectar of flowers & stored in comb.

The flavour of honey depends on the type of nectar.

Honey contains large quantities of fructose- 38 % and glucose = 31 %. Sucrose = 2% is basically the table sugar which we commonly use in our homes ….sweet tooth !!

Honey has the capacity to retain water and so cakes, brownies, candies made with honey remain moist for a longer period as compared to the confectionaries prepared using other sweeteners.

Science of medicine highlights many vital benefits of honey as it is good for skin …..2 tsp honey + 1tsp vinegar + 2tsp rosewater mix well & apply on the face it really hydrates the skin leaving it as soft as baby’s skin ….!!

Honey has natural sugar content so there is no harm in using in your daily diet.

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It also acts as a natural detoxification of body as it has many anti oxidants…now you might be wondering what are anti oxidants? …they are basically substances which interferes in free radical chain mechanism involved in lipid peroxidation.

These antioxidants helps to prevent proliferation of carcinogenic substances in the body leaving your body healthy & free from harmful toxins.

Taking 1tsp honey with warm water early morning on an empty stomach helps to reduce weight & also rejuvenates your body.

It has a beneficial impact on the immune system to fight against viruses & bacteria….

So….what are you thinking ?? Start honey intake regularly in your diet & experience the magical benefits….soon 🙂

Stay healthy & Happy !!

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