Hey friends , Iam a Nutritionist and a food analyst holding a Masters degree in Nutrition & food processing technology, I am trying to manage a busy lifestyle !! Not too long ago I was a student trying to keep up with the demands of life… …!!

I have created the Nutrilife blog to make it easier for you to finally achieve your health goals & improve your lifestyle in a holistic manner …..:)

The balanced nutrition can’t be achieved in a day , rather it should be made a way of life. ‘Be mindful of your choices”. Stressing on the importance of eating at the right time in balanced portions . Fueling the body ,regulating hormone levels, stress management are the few ways through which food affects health.

Whether you want to:

  1. Increase your stamina levels.
  2. Improve your dietary habits .
  3. Manage your weight & stress.
  4. Follow prophetic herbs in your daily routine.
  5. Manage fatal diseases etc.
  6. Improve overall physical & spiritual health.

My goal is to make it accessible and affordable for every single woman to have access to nutrition & diet knowledge.

It’s time to say goodbye to junk & oily foods. I am here helping you make lifestyle changes that includes all foods in order to help you live the healthiest and happiest life possible.

Stay healthy 🙂

Email – nausheen1shaikh@gmail.com

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