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The Perfect Four Masters of your Health & lifestyle !!


Every little detail that we encounter – or avoid – during our day to day experiences has an impact on each layer of our overall well-being. We continuously produce and are surrounded by substances that alter our physical and mental health, both gradually and suddenly. As living creatures, we have four main masters that work together to counter this internal and external exposure and control the stability of our health. We will refer to these biological masters of our existence by the function that they are responsible for: activity levels, hydration, diet and sleep. Any imbalances linked to the control of each one can have a significant effect on the entire human body.

  1. The drive of the first master our activity level, can seem weak compared to the voices of the other four. Sometimes we go through life without the urge to physically exert ourselves, despite the needs of our body. However, living a sedentary life can slowly and silently kill us. Doing so piles restrictive weight onto the body, drains power from muscle tissues and restricts the amount of blood – aka oxygen and nutrients – received by our cells, which can impede the function of all systems in the body. Due to this, inactive people tend to have many health disorders, especially those related to the nervous, digestive and circulatory systems. It is important to note that being over-active without the support of the other three masters can be just as destructive. Working the same set of muscles everyday, without giving them enough time to recover, can cause permanent damage. To avoid such danger, the roles of all four masters need to be kept well balanced.



2. The voice of the second master our hydration, usually gets louder when our activity level increases. Despite its essential role in the transportation of  nutrients and infection-fighting cells around the body, it often goes ignored. Without sufficient water to aid us, we may fail to digest even the most nutritious meal properly and cause its contents to go to waste. Ideally, we should drink one to two litres of water alone – not diluted juices or concentrated fruit juices – throughout the course of the day. Sitting down whilst hydrating allows water to slowly enter the body, giving it time to reach as many cells as possible and wash away any waste substances produced by them. Over-hydrating can dangerously dilute certain chemicals in the body and have serious consequences. The amount of water required is directly linked to both daily food consumption and activity levels.





3. The human body responds to the third master Diet , in various ways that differ from person to person. Some can consume a lot of carbohydrates and remain healthy. Others have struggle to digest protein. Our diet should be tailored in a way that suits us, since our energy and growth relies on it. We should eat according to our activity level and in a way that agrees with our stomach. Under-eating deprives the body of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals that allow it to function properly. Whilst doing so may reduce weight, it also decreases long-term good health. Therefore, it is important to eat wisely and allow our body time to process any food into energy, before giving into the call of the fourth and final master.




4. Sleeping along with hydration, is one of the most overlooked necessities of life. Whilst we accept the need to exercise and eat properly, most fail to recognise the damage caused by reduced ‘down time’. During sleep, our body combats everything that it has been exposed to during the day, takes time to repair itself and recovers before the following morning. Long-term sleep deprivation, as experienced by chronic insomniacs, can severely effect our mood, impair our ability to accomplish every day tasks and increase our risk of illness and injury. Aside from being a symptom of depression, over-sleeping might be the least harmful imbalance of them all. However, frequently sleeping too much could negatively affect the social aspect of a person’s life, leading to the development of various psychological problems.


  • The equilibrium of all four masters must be maintained continuously to facilitate optimum health.


Guest blog post by – Sakinah Baksh

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Hello, Iam a Nutritionist & Food Analyst . I like to write blog on Healthy Nutrition aspects & lifestyle ...I believe that healthy eating is an art of Life, Nutrition doesn't only revolves around weightloss or crash dieting , rather its about understanding the role of foods you consume.

33 thoughts on “The Perfect Four Masters of your Health & lifestyle !!

  1. So many great tips! I struggle with getting enough sleep because of a medication that I’m on for my autoimmune disease. It causes insomnia, sadly. Staying hydrated seems almost impossible for me, too, because of the same medication.. makes me feel so thirsty!

  2. These 4 masters of a healthier lifestyle are so simple and yet so hard to follow. I know I am definitely guilty of not sleeping enough and not hydrating enough. Don’t even get me started on exercising more. Thanks for the motivation. Will definitely be more cognizant of this for 2018!

  3. These tips are amazing. It is always tough for me to follow diet plan but these tips are easy to follow to remain healthy. Thanks!!!!

  4. I agree you need to have a balance of all 4 to have a healthy lifestyle. But it’s easier said then done I might add. I found that scheduling sleep and working out has been the best method to find time.

  5. Great info here. Sleep is so important to make sure that your body recovers, but deffo hydration. I try to drink water throughout the day, but sometimes I do forget when I am in a rush x

  6. Couldn’t agree more with you. We often think that because we live in the modern era, everything available to us is there to make us healthy and we don’t listen to our body. Hydrating, physical activity, good food for our type of bodies and sleep, are keys to keep ourselves strong and healthy through our lives.

  7. This is so on point! You can’t do without any one of the 4 ‘masters… I’ve done healthy diet + exercise, but because of the lack of hydration, my skin became really bad… so it’s really true!

  8. Hey,
    Very good advice and I think many peoples forget absolutely any one of the above list including me. When I work, I forget to drink water mostly.
    Thank you for sharing this content with us
    Ashutosh Singh

  9. I loved these tips, I hope they will help. I struggle with having enough of sleep and hydration! I really need to start drinking more water.

  10. Excellent post.The points you have mentioned for being a healthy person are the facts we are ignoring directly or indirectly.Our sedentary lifestyles,unhealthy diet ,lack of fluid intake and lack of sound sleep are making us more vulnerable to develop medical problems.Thanks for sharing.

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